You can choose to rent a cabin or a private room. We do not have dorms and when you pay for the room it is only for you and your family or friends, according to amout of beds.

We only allow pets in the cabins because of the allergy risk.

You can also rent all or part of the hostel for its own activity. In these cases, we can also provide other services and options. Contact us for a quote!

Room                                                       Per night:                   
Economic 2 beds (bunk beds)                  325 SEK       
Economic 4 beds (bunk beds)                  525 SEK      
Standard 2 single beds                              425 SEK    

Campingstuga                                        Per night:               
Cabin with 2 beds (bunk beds)                 350 SEK
Cabin with 4 beds (bunk beds)                 550 SEK

Small house                                            Per night 
                                                                         800 SEK (+200 SEK the first nigh for cleaning)
1 room with a double bed, 2 rooms with 2 beds (bunk beds)  


Breakfast buffet
Do you want to have an excellent start of your morning? Nothing smells quite as good as the aroma of fresh-ground coffee.
We serve coffee made out of fresh beans and we have a large selection of tea. Yogurt and cereal, bread, juice, cheese, ham, eggs and vegetables.
60.00 SEK

Bed linens

If you want, you can rent bed linens from us. We always wash with neutral detergent without fragrance. Pillow and blanket / quilt is always included as standard.
When you want to rent bed linens we offer two levels.
Level 1 is with sheet, cover for blanket and pillow for 90 SEK
Level 2 is with sheet, cover for blanket and pillow. Plus one large bath towel and a normal towel for 120 SEK

In our prices is assumed that you clean your room/ cabin after you. Is cleaning not your favorite task? We'll take care of it for you for a small fee per cabin/room.
120 SEK per room/cabin

Do you have any special requests? E.g. transportation, food packages, dinner ... Contact us for more information.


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