Your personal information 

We receive bookings in different ways - via our website, facebook , e-mail, telephone etc. In connection with the guest's entering or disclosing personal information in connection with the booking, it is an "unambiguous confirmatory document". Therefore, it is not necessary for us to explicitly request permission to process the personal data in connection with the booking. 

We also accept bookings from third parties eg. BOOKING.COM, EXPEDIA, HOTELS.COM. Then it is these companies that own the information and we have access to as much information as we need to manage the bookings. 

No matter how we access personal information:

  • We limit ourselves to   to use the information only for what is necessary. Telephone numbers and emails are used to communicate with the guest. E.g. to send a booking confirmation. When billing, we also need an address.
  • We will not disclose personal information to third parties. If we are asked to by you to book activities of another company, we assume that you agree that we leave the smallest possible of your personal information.
  • We will never use the guest's personal information for our own marketing without the express consent of the guest.
  • The guest can always contact us to have their personal information removed from all our systems.
  • Upon check-out, the guest may request that we delete the personal information stored for this particular booking occasion. It will happen immediately.